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Paul Weller's "Find The Torch, Burn The Plans" Documentary on US TV!

The Paul Weller/Julien Temple Documentary, "Find The Torch, Burn The Plans" is playing on the Palladia Music Cable Network HD in the USA this week. 
Wednesday 12/21 @ 1am est Thursday 12/23 @ 6pm est Friday 12/24 @12:30pm est
Info kindly provided by Rich Ireland! Cheers!

A Christmas MOD Ball This Sunday At The 100 Club with The Moons!

Ticket Info HERE
Event Info:



At the top of the bill
With support from CONNETT feat. MEL D
AND THE AMAZING DRA DANCE COLLECTIVE (GO GO DANCERS) Who will excite you with the grooviest dancing during the night and between the bands,
Tickets £15

Paul Weller Review From The Independent & The Guardian- Wembley Arena!

Paul Weller, Wembley Arena, London
(Rated 2/ 5 )

Reviewed by Enjoli Liston
Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Boasting a rich career that started with mod-punkers The Jam more than 30 years ago, Paul Weller struck gold again this year. Delirious reviews welcomed the Modfather back to the UK charts in April with his 10th solo album, Wake Up the Nation, a short, sharp and striking work of fresh experimental hits nominated for the Mercury Prize. It's this new material that dominates Weller's set on the last night of his UK tour at Wembley yet, surprisingly, his performance massively misses the mark.

Despite a crisp, smooth and self-possessed rendition of "Have You Made Up Your Mind" from 2008's acclaimed album 22 Dreams, flashes of feedback and incompatible levels undermine Weller's efforts. On the new record, "Aim High" is soulful and uplifting. Yet on stage, overbearing electronic effects result in a bizarre but inescapable (and probably very unwelcome) vocal…

BBC Review Of "Find The Torch" DVD!

As a document of the modern Paul Weller, this couldn’t be more accurate.
James McMahon - 2010-12-09

Thirty-two years on from putting together his first band, critical consensus of Paul Weller’s music continues to change as often as the seasons. An often misunderstood yet always uncompromising fixture of British rock, his last three studio albums have been spoken of with the sort of respect he last enjoyed with 1995’s Stanley Road.

The current thinking towards Weller is fond; only the unenlightened give kudos to the growly, cabbie-beloved pub-rocker myth his naysayers would tag him as. 2005’s As Is Now started the renaissance. The pastoral, psychedelic 22 Dreams was one of the strangest releases of 2008, while April’s Wake Up the Nation, saw him reunited on record with The Jam’s Bruce Foxton for the first time since 1982. Not that it suggested a man looking back.

That record, more than any other, showcased a sound that was laced with timeless punk fury, with adventurous Kevin Shields-a…

Paul Weller Interview From!

Holding out for a hero: Paul Weller interview
Dec 11 2010 - Dave Owens

Never meet your heroes they say, you’ll only be disappointed. David Owens cast aside those cliched worries for a meeting with the musician who, more than anyone else, helped shaped his life.

I HAD a sizeable ache in the pit of my stomach that refused to shift. A knotted ball of nerves, emotion and fear were there for good reason.

These steel-reinforced butterflies had been in an internal holding pattern from the day confirmation was agreed on an interview I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I was about to meet my rock ’n’ roll hero – the voice of a generation who flicked the switch for me musically, politically and sartorially 30 years ago.

It was 1979 when my world changed forever. I was 10 and my older sister had a boyfriend who allowed me to borrow his copy of The Jam’s All Mod Cons album. It was transparent, even to my pre-pubescent eyes, that he was trying to butter up his girlfriend by cosying up to her litt…

Paul Weller In Liverpool!

From The Liverpool Echo
Dec 9 2010
Words by Jade Wright

MUSIC legends don't get much more iconic than the modfather.

So, to hear Paul Weller pay tribute to his own hero John Lennon with two surprise cover versions was a special moment indeed.

Kicking off with Love and Come Together beneath a 20 foot projection of John, he belted out every line, filling it with meaning.

From there it was straight into modern day Weller with Wake Up the Nation, the title track from his new album. Often when an artist offers newer tracks, older fans tend to switch off: It’s the perfect time to go to the bar.

But this last album was just so good that at times it was hard to tell the new songs from his older material.

Songs like Andromeda, Fast Car/Slow Traffic and Aim High (which could have come straight from the Style Council Days), stand on their own merits, and to hear them live was a real treat.

Trees, the beautifully odd song in five parts, written for Paul’s late father, was an unexpected favour…

Paul Weller In Glasgow!

Gig review: Paul Weller

Published Date: 07 December 2010


Many of we critics have written Paul Weller off over the years, only to be faced with the prospect of eating our words at some point. Although the Modfather's recent creative lull was a decade-long one, seeing him ply the cocky Alpha-Mod strut and paADVERTISEMENT

storal armchair nostalgia of his Britpop era solo peak to ever-diminishing returns, this year's Mercury-nominated tenth solo album, Wake Up the Nation, was a return to form.
As is so often the case with the former Jam and Style Council frontman, he stages a doubter-silencing comeback entirely on his own terms. The material from the new album showcased here – including its strident title track, the packed-full Trees (a song "in five movements", Weller says, from loudhailer-vocal psych-rock to tender piano balladry) and the spaced-out psychedelia of Andromeda – do exactly what he's been doing for a while now…

Paul Weller In Manchester!

Courtesy Of vegas rhyll ! Cheers!!

Paul Weller teamed up with The Coral's frontman James Skelly for three songs during the Modfather's show at the MEN Arena in Manchester last night (December 3).

The pair performed two covers - The Beatles classic 'Ticket To Ride' and Manfred Mann's 1966 UK Number One hit 'Pretty Flamingo' - towards the end of a mammoth set.

They also played The Coral's hit single 'Dreaming Of You', footage of which you can watch below.

"It was an honour to play with Paul Weller tonight," Skelly said. "He's one of the greatest British songwriters of all time, an absolute legend."

The show also saw Weller joined by Primal Scream's Mani on tambourine on a number of tracks.

Paul Weller played: 'Moonshine' 'From The Floorboards Up' 'Strange Town' '7&3 Is The Strikers Name' 'Dangerous Age' 'Sea Spray' 'Into Tomorrow' 'Aim High' 'Up The Dosage…

Paul Weller Radio Interview With Matt Pinfield In NYC!

Paul Weller Wins UNCUT Music Award!

Tuesday 30th November 2010

PAUL WELLER’S WAKE UP THE NATION WINS UNCUT MUSIC AWARD 2010 Uncut magazine today announcesPaul Weller’sWake Up The Nation album winner of theUncut Music Award 2010.

Wake Up The Nation was chosen by judges from a long list of 25 albums, and then a shortlist of eight, as the most exciting, inspirational and rewarding album of the last 12 months.

Chaired byUncuteditorAllan Jones, the 10-strong judging panel includedHayden Thorpe, frontman of one of our favourite new British bands of recent years, Wild Beasts; eminent broadcastersBob Harris,Danny Kelly andChristian O’Connell;Mark Cooper, BBC’s creative head of music entertainment; andTony Wadsworth, chair of the BPI. 

Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes (2008 winner) helped choose his successor, joining the judging panel this year alongside one of Britain’s finest guitarists and core member of Roxy Music,Phil Manzanera, and one of our most notable songwriters,Chris Difford of Squeeze.

“Thank you,” responded Weller, on tour …

Paul Weller In Bournmouth!

Paul Weller - Windsor Hall, BIC
10:23am Monday 29th November 2010
By Nick Churchill

THERE are plenty of great performers and a fair few can still cut the mustard deep into middle age, but how many are making music every bit as vital and exciting – perhaps even more so – as they did as teenagers?

Paul Weller is one such. He’s been up and down more times than a window cleaner’s chamois – sometimes hitting a sweet spot, other times missing by a mile, but always reaching just beyond his grasp.

He’s very definitely on an up at the moment. His last two albums, the sprawling 22 Dreams and this year’s pared-down Wake Up the Nation, have found him exercising his passion for a sometimes dizzying range of music.

Sunday night’s set drew on every stage of his career, including Art School from The Jam’s 1977 debut album, The Style Council’s Shout to the Top, an edgy trip hop reading of Wild Wood and a brand new song, That Dangerous Age, which channels The Who’s I Can’t Explain.

But the bulk of the …

Paul Weller In Brighton!

Images Courtesy Of Carl S. aka scotty94! Cheers!

Paul Weller In Cardiff!

Music Review: Paul Weller, Cardiff International Arena
Nov 29 2010 David Owens, South Wales Echo

EVEN by his lofty standards 2010 has been a spectacular year for Paul Weller.

Wake Up The Nation lived up to the rallying cry of its title by doing just that - causing mighty ripples in the music buying populace. Widely revered as his best album for a decade by critics and fans alike it propelled him to the cool climes of a Mercury Music prize award nomination and the curious inquisition of a younger audience.

Right now the ever stylish 52-year-old modernist icon is at the height of his powers, mining a rich seam of creative inspiration. It’s a midas touch that has translated to his live shows.

There’s always a joyful sense of communion about a Weller gathering and his thousands of devoted acolytes turned this worshipful service into an occasion that transcended a normal gig. This was something special.

Opening up with the propulsive joys of Moonshine he then hurtled into the staccato strut…

Paul Weller In Ireland!

Paul Weller – The Olympia, Dublin
By Philip Cummins on Monday, 22 November 2010

From The State

Swaggering on stage to a Northern Soul compilation, Paul Weller and his Merry Men open with ‘Aim High’, an energetic and soulful ballad from his latest record, Wake Up the Nation, which, along with it’s predecessor 22 Dreams, is universally considered a return to form for The Modfather. His streamlined band effortlessly injects so much rhythm and soul into the track without overloading on backup singers and unnecessary percussionists that it’s hard to believe that there are only five musicians on stage. From ‘Aim High’ right through to live staples ‘The Changing Man’, The Jam’s ‘That’s Entertainment’ and The Style Council’s ‘Shout to the Top!’ is a groove of songs that are ferocious and exhilarating, rendering Weller and his band as a force of nature. Weller moves from guitar to piano for the Dr. John-esque ‘Trees’ and the wary, late night feel of ‘Invisible’, which brings the tempo right dow…

Paul Weller On The Radio Wednesday November 17!

Listen up Weller fans, Paul will be taking over the airwaves tomorrow with two radio interviews.

The first will be broadcast on XFM's Breakfast show between 6:30-10am via 104.9FM in London plus on digital radio and online via

The second interview will be aired on Absolute Radio's drivetime show between 7-8pm, you can tune into that via or on digital.

Short Feature In The Irish Independent Ahead Of This Week's Dublin Concerts!

Raw Honesty From Man They Call Modfather
Paul Weller still has a fire burning in his belly, decades after his ballads woke up two nations, says Barry Egan
Sunday November 14, 2010

'PUT an end to all your doubts," he sings. "Has my fire really gone out?"

Profligate with the raw honesty, council estate balladeer Paul Weller still has a fire burning in his 52-year-old belly. At times he comes across like the gruff Victor Meldrew of his era -- with one Gucci brogue in the grave. But there's a universality to the Modfather's lyrics that resonates with just about everyone over 18 who realises Jedward are perhaps not the future. Weller has the real 'x factor'. In all in his four decades writing great moments of music, he has never erected a protective screen between his emotions and the listener.

Songs like Town Called Malice, That's Entertainment, My Ever Changing Moods, A Man of Great Promise, Changing Man, You Do Something to Me, Pebbles on a Beach ,…

Paul Weller Session For WNYC In New York City!

British rock icon Paul Weller is known for fronting the influential bands The Jam and The Style Council, as well as a decades-long solo career. He recently released a new album "Wake Up The Nation," a return to the short, energetic style of his early years. He joins us live in the studio.

Session Info:
01. Intro
02. Aim High
03. Interview
04. Andromeda
05. Interview
06. All On Misty Morning
07. Outro

Paul Weller Designed MINI To Be Auctioned For Charity!

MINI has teamed-up with mod rock legend Paul Weller to give birth to a one off vehicle that will be auctioned at a live event, with all the proceeds set to go to charity.

The project follows Weller’s headline performance at MINI’s 50th Birthday party at Silverstone in 2009.

We are talking about a unique MINI Cooper, which was designed by the artist, built in Oxford, and hand-painted by MINI specialists. The car will be auctioned for one month from November 11, in order to raise money for charities Nordoff Robins and War Child.

The car will be showcased in MINI’s flagship showroom on Park Lane, London for the duration of the auction. You can place your bids here.

“Both MINI and Paul Weller are synonymous with the quintessential British mod scene. That’s why we were the ideal match to create this unique car,” said MINI UK’s Director, Jochen Goller.

Walter’s vision, which comes with pink and brown stripes across the vehicle’s body and also includes a silver line running up the bonne…

Even More Paul Weller In New York City!

There will be a special in NME next week (Nov 17) documenting 48 hours in New York City with Paul Weller.

Got a bunch of pics in the past few days.  HUGE thanks to everyone sending them in to share with our readers!
Images Courtesy Of Ginny!

"Thank you Paul for taking time to say hi!" from Tyler and Ginny

Images Courtesy Of Ryan aka changingman72!