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Exclusive Interview Video And Competition At XFM!

Xfm have got a world exclusive video interview with Paul Weller to celebrate the release of his new album '22 Dreams'.

The film features Paul Weller talking about his new album and collaborations with other artist's and is not to be missed. It is the most in-depth interview he has given in a long time.

The film is divided into five parts and each segment will be released a day at a time across the week starting with Part 1 this coming Monday, 2nd June, from 10:30am.

Watch the films at from Monday 2nd June.


Yes, the Modfather will be playing Koko in Camden. I know, we can't quite believe it either. Paul Weller in Koko and we've got 100 pairs of tickets to give away. At 3pm, on 21st June, Paul Weller will play as part of the All Day Breakfast to an audience made up of competition winners. Want to be one of those lucky few? Read on...

If you fancy taking in more than just Paul Weller, why not try your luck with some of our other competition…

22 Dreams Review Round Up!

From The Sun

Published: 29 May 2008
PAUL WELLER - 22 Dreams
Rating *****

PAUL WELLER turned 50 on Sunday.

When we meet, just a few days before his big day, the bags under his eyes suggest that the celebrations might have started early. Immaculately dressed, as ever, in a navy woollen jumper with his grown-out mod cut, he’s very different from the paunchy, balding figures most men of his age present. He tells me he rolled in from a gig in Leicester in the early hours. “You know what it’s like — we had to celebrate with a few beers after.” Whether he means a few or a few too many, what’s clear is that it’s been a long, long day. Hung over, he’s been rehearsing at the BBC’s Later . . . studios since morning. “We had to get here at 10 o’clock. What’s that all about?” he says in his gruff Woking accent.

On Monday he releases his ninth solo album, 22 Dreams, a double CD containing the most varied music of his solo career.

“I was determined to make a double album for my 50th — a pres…

22 Dreams North American Release Info! Available For Download Next Week!

22 Dreams, Paul Weller's first new release in three years, coming July 22 on YepRoc Records!

Noel Gallagher, Graham Coxon and others join Weller for twenty-one kaleidoscopic tracks of rock, soul, avant garde, electronica and more.

One year in the making. Seventy minutes in length. Twenty-one songs. 22 Dreams.

After a three year recording hiatus - during which he played two historic concert series in NYC and LA devoting one evening each to his Jam, Style Council, and solo catalogs, and earned Lifetime Achievement honors at the 2007 Brit Awards, among other highlights - Paul Weller returns on July 22 with 22 Dreams, his ninth solo album and the most ambitious of his career.

22 Dreams is not a return to form. It is not "Weller's best record since [fill in your favorite album here.]" It is a complete flowering of every musical impulse this artistic polymath has previously hinted at, and then some: rock, funk, soul, freak folk, free jazz, krautrock, classical, spoken word, el…


NME is previewing 22 Dreams in it's entirety RIGHT NOW! Click on the image to head over and check it out!!

Scroll down to the media player and click on 22 Dreams part one or two. You'll have to sign up for a myNME account.

Put Your Questions To Paul Weller!

Put Your Questions To Paul Weller!The Modfather is to answer questions from readers of the BBC London website...Rooted almost exclusively in English culture and the glory days of The Who, Kinks and Small Faces, Weller needs scant introduction as the leader and driving force behind the formation of two iconic London bands, The Jam and The Style Council.Revered for being a prime influence on Brit Pop, he is alone amongst punk's Class of '76 to enjoy a successful and continuing solo career, winning recognition with a lifetime achievement honour at the 2006 Brit Awards.The Woking born singer/songwriter turns 50 this month and has invited fans to send questions about his life and career as he releases his ninth studio album, 22 Dreams, ahead of a couple of summer festival appearances and a full UK tour later this year. And Weller has also penciled in an interview with 94.9's Gary Crowley, to be recorded on Monday 2 June for broadcast at a later date, which will be devoted to a s…

50,000 Visitors & Paul Weller @ 50

A quick note to say we recently passed the 50,000 visitor mark and we thank all of you that make this spot part of your travels. In addition, we'd like to thank all those kind folks that have contributed photos, set lists, and links to the articles we post here. We do this for you, but it can only be done with the contributions of this fine community. Cheers!!

Happy 50th to Paul Weller and thanks for all these years of filling our ears and hearts with your music. "It's The Start Of Another!"

From The Paul Weller News Team...

Paul Weller - A Thousand Things

Paul Weller's 'A Thousand Things' is officially released on June 2, 2008!

A THOUSAND THINGS is not only written and signed by Paul Weller, he has also been instrumental in choosing the photographs that tell the story of an amazing 30-year recording career, from the earliest days of The Jam – with schoolfriend Steve Brookes on guitar – through the new modernism of The Style Council to his eight incredible solo albums.

A THOUSAND THINGS contains nearly 350 photographs and items of personal memorabilia printed on 230 pages, each edged in silver. Every copy is hand-made using traditional materials and printed on heavyweight archival paper.

Borrowing its dimensions from a traditional 12-inch LP record, the book’s format allows for the covers of every one of Paul Weller’s studio albums to be reproduced full size, as they were originally intended to be viewed.

The cover is bound in screen-printed buckram and the spine is a luxurious leather with the title embossed in silver along its…

MOD On His Side!

MOD On His Side - Paul Weller interview
Published Date: 25 May 2008
By Richard Purden
From Scotland On Sunday

Even as he reaches his half century, Paul Weller insists the best has yet to come. To prove it, his new double album is a radical departure, with a little help from the cream of Brit rockers
IT'S A warm afternoon in Motherwell as Paul Weller's tour bus pulls up amid streets full of Rangers supporters preparing for that evening's Uefa Cup final. Sporting his traditional flapping Mod cut, dapper grey slacks with a slight flare and a tight black t-shirt, he'll later tell the audience that night to simply forget the score and enjoy the gig.

Not best known for seeing the bright side of life, Weller, who turns 50 today, is buoyed by his new album, 22 Dreams. He has, in his own words, delivered that "great album" he hoped for. It is indeed his most uncharacteristic and bold work to date. In the disposable era of single downloads, the double album celebrates the lu…

Paul Weller: Style Councillor!

Paul Weller: Style Councillor

He is virtually the only former punk icon to sustain success while expanding his musical horizons.

By Andy Gill (The Independent)
Saturday, 24 May 2008

As with Robert Plant turning out to be the most open-minded and creatively vibrant remnant of his generation of rockers, there's something admirably ironic about the way that Paul Weller has moved from crafting fairly humdrum critiques of a fairly humdrum society, to become virtually the only former punk icon to sustain commercial success while constantly expanding his musical horizons.

It's an impressive turnaround for a songwriter once derided as "a musical hod-carrier", particularly when compared to former colleagues such as The Sex Pistols, for ever condemned to the status of punk pantomime as they cash in on greying fans' memories of their wild youth. Indeed, he summarily rejected an offer to re-form The Jam, leaving former colleagues Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler in the invidious pos…

All Well And Good At 50 For Paul Weller!

All Well And Good At 50 For Paul Weller!

May 23 2008 By John Dingwall (The Daily Record Scottish News And Sport)

FOR someone who was recently accused of having ever-changing moods, Paul Weller claims he is happier than ever as he prepares to turn 50.

The modfather hits his half century on Sunday and is marking the milestone with the release of a double album, 22 Dreams, featuring 21 diverse tracks over two CDs.

Paul's latest solo album is his most ambitious to date, with songs that span musical styles including soul, funk, electronica, rock, jazz, folk and avant garde over 70 minutes.

And he admits turning 50 inspired him to go for broke with his latest batch of songs.

"I was conscious of turning 50," Paul said. "It had a bearing on the album. I really wanted to push the boat out and create a big body of work with as many tunes as possible.

"I wanted to do something grand for my 50th. A lot of artists at, or past a certain age, have all their best work in the past, it…

Talking Shop With Paul Weller!

Talking Shop: Paul Weller
Paul Weller turns 50 this month. But the former Jam and Style Council frontman is not slowing down.

The "Modfather" releases his ninth studio album, 22 Dreams, on 2 June with single Echoes Round The Sun out on 26 May.

It is a collaboration between Weller, Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer.

He is also releasing a picture book and is back out on a world tour this summer that takes in Japan, America and the UK.

What was it like recording the new album?

It was kind of different because there were four of us co-producing it. So that made things a lot easier for me personally because everyone was pitching ideas in. We used different musicians. It wasn't the same working band that I've played with in recent years so there were different people playing on the record.

But obviously they all bring different things to the table. We recorded it in our own studio, Black Barn in Surrey, which was good for us because we weren't clock-watching at all. We just work…

MODfather Still Following His Dreams!

From Manchester Evening News

MODfather Still Following His Dreams!
Sarah Walters
23/ 5/2008

THERE'S an unspoilt sky over Blackpool and a summer sun beats down on an empty beach.

"I've never been in Manchester when it's like this," a bronzed Paul Weller tells the M.E.N. as we chat ahead of his show. "It's always raining when I'm there."

One look at Paul tells you the former frontman with The Jam doesn't spend much time in inclement climates these days. He sports a perma-tan that would make Paris Hilton blush and wears his 49 years - and today's rugged-chic look - well.

And while the weather may not be the most rock 'n' roll of subjects to kick off a chat with the Modfather, it does seem like the very topic to get the ball rolling when you're meeting a man who oozes Britishness.

As we sit down to a cup of tea, another piece of the English stereotype falls neatly into place{hellip}

Image has, of course, followed Weller around as much as …

The Tour Bus Interview!

From The Times Online

Paul Weller flags up his new album 22 Dreams with marathon tour.
On a long, drunken night on his tour bus, Paul Weller tells our correspondent about turning 50, his barnstorming new album and why his son is wrong about fast food.

Pete Paphides

In a room of musicians, everyone momentarily stops what they’re doing when the star material ambles in. The frayed T-shirt, tight black jeans and black fly shades complement the impassive unsmiling face. Like a walking composite of every goth and emo sub-genre of the past ten years, Paul Weller’s son Nat takes a seat in the canteen next to his dad – who, even with his angular Mod barnet, barely raises an eyelid by comparison. It’s as though God, on one of his more whimsical days, decided to bestow the Modfather a goth son, to see if both could adapt to the challenge.

It’s a test that both seem to have passed with flying colours. Still finding his way around the guitar, Nat has been guided through the basics of his 2005 hit Come …

Updates From

There is a new email update from the official Paul Weller site with various links to purchase the single which is out on Monday, news of radio and television appearances, a contest to attend the 'A Thousand Things' book launch as well as an ITV performance. You can view it HERE.

Hammersmith Review From 'This Is London'!

From This Is London

The Elder Statesman
Rick Pearson, Evening Standard 22.05.08

A week shy of his 50th birthday, Paul Weller represents the rarest of musical commodities: a rockstar who is growing old gracefully.

He may have kept the iconic haircut — growing old being one thing, sacrilege being quite another — but the Modfather has never stood still. Indeed, his latest album, 22 Dreams, his ninth to date, is also one of his most ambitious, seeing him take on everything from Krautrock to the spoken word.

Last night Weller’s UK tour took him to the Hammersmith Apollo, where he played a generous two-hour set in front of an adoring crowd. The spiky menace of From The Floorboards Up nodded at Weller’s punky past as frontman in The Jam, while new songs like the piano-led Empty Ring suggested a more melodic future.

Out Of The Sinking, a favourite from Weller’s seminal 1995 album Stanley Road, was augmented by his tasteful bluesy guitar licks, although he’s not quite the guitar hero you feel he’d l…