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The Quietus Reviews Paul Weller's "Wake Up The Nation"

Paul Weller
Wake Up The Nation
Steve Jelbert , April 27th, 2010 07:49
The Quietus

Psychedelia never dies, and seeing as really it's a polite signifier of music that evokes the kind of drug experience that can't really be fitted in around a busy work schedule it never will. But it does shift, and right now a woozy wave of, er, chillwave has taken over from the wobbly Wilson lovers most recently been labelled thus. But there are still classicists out there, clinging to backwards guitars and unexpected brass stabs just like they did back when acid was still legal and adults wanted to be children rather than the other way round. Even now I'm surprised as how effective the underrated Aliens are when they pop up suddenly on my iPod, jumbling up generations of lose-yourself music.

Weller's new album does something similar, heading backwards in time and sounding all the better for it. 2008's sprawling 22 Dreams, also produced by Simon Dine, was over-praised, largely for it…

Leo Zero Comments On His Remix Of Paul Weller's "No Tears To Cry!"

“A remix for Paul Weller / Island records that was a real honour ( and a lot of fun) to do. I think of this sound as what was going on at Blackpool’s Mecca Ballroom on the Northern Soul scene – slightly disco-fied…. but this track also reminds me of Neil Diamond and Glen Campbell – it’s a truly great song, and I was literally jumping round the studio with excitement when I first heard it! It was one thing to land a Paul Weller mix after being a fan for so long, but then to find out it was for such a belter of a song was mind-blowing.I can’t take credit for any of the parts! – I just did a beef-up and added some drums… the original is actually constructed with a lot of separate samples, I was very surprised when I cracked it open – it sounds so live, I thought it was all original."

Paul Weller - 'No Tears To Cry' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero

Paul Weller's "Wake Up The Nation" Debuts On The Charts At Number...2!

From NME:

AC/DC have hit Number One in the UK album chart tonight (April 25).

'Iron Man 2 - Official Soundtrack' - a career-spanning compilation of 15 songs - beat Paul Weller's 'Wake Up The Nation' in a closely-fought battle.

The Top Ten UK albums are:

1. AC/DC - 'Iron Man 2 - OST'
2. Paul Weller - 'Wake Up The Nation'
3. Plan B - The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
4. Meat Loaf - 'Hang Cool Teddy Bear'
5. Scouting For Girls - 'Everybody Wants To Be On TV'
6. Lady Gaga - 'The Fame'
7. Paolo Nutini - 'Sunny Side Up'
8. Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You'
9. Justin Bieber - 'My World'
10. Florence and the Machine - 'Lungs'

Paul Weller At Relentless Garage - Pics!

Images Courtesy Of Laurie! Cheers!

Paul Weller's Spotify Mixtape!

From Qthemusic:

As you may have gathered by now, it's been Paul Weller week on this week to coincide with The Modfather's bold and invective new album, Wake Up The Nation.

Following on from our exclusive interview with Paul, he's chosen a Spotify playlist with a twist for your enjoyment. His special mixtape contains lesser known gems that he's loved for a long time and tracks from emerging New To Q type artists he's been listening to more recently.

Listen: Paul Weller's Spotify mixtape.

Side A: Late 60's Lovlies

Jesamine - The Casuals
Traffic - Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
Love Affair - Bringin on Back The Good Times
White Plains - When You Are a King
The Flowerpot Men - Lets Go To San Fransisco

Side B: Current Cuts

Rox - My Baby Left Me
Eliza Dolittle - Rollerblades
Erland and the Carnival - Trouble In Mind
Black Mountain - Stormy High
Dr Dog. - The Breeze

Paul Weller Interview From The Independent!

Changing man: An audience with Paul Weller
Thirty years ago he was The Jam's angry young frontman. But if Paul Weller has mellowed with age, he's lost none of his edge. On the eve of a general election, the singer talks pop, politics and why he hates MySpace

By: Tim Walker
From The Independent

There's no denying it; Paul Weller is growing up. That familiar haircut still hugs his ears, but he's ditched the highlights and let the grey come. His accent is the same old unfussy Estuary, but his voice is craggier, richer. His music always used to be distinctly of its time. The new stuff is almost timeless.

Winning a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brits, as Weller did in 2006, is normally an invitation to retire quietly to the country and release an MOR nostalgia record once every couple of years. Instead, he went and made 22 Dreams, the most experimental album of his career, and one of the most ecstatically received. When he returned to the Brits last year it was to collect…

Paul Weller Images From Hop Farm 2009!

We got sent some really beautiful images of Paul Weller's performance at The Hop Farm Festival last year. This is the one where Roger Daltrey joined Paul for a performance of "Magic Bus." Big thanks to Barry Goodwin!!!

Click on image for full size.

Paul Weller Plays The Song Title Game On Absolute Radio!

"The most uncomfortable piece of radio. Ever."

Paul Weller Interview Backstage At Later w/Jools Holland!

By: Ben Hogwood

Paul Weller is at the BBC to rehearse for an appearance on Later with Jools Holland, where he will perform songs from his new album Wake Up The Nation. As we pitch up in his dressing room, the kettle is on.

"Is that the way it's all going now then, online?" he asks by way of a kick-off. "I guess if it shakes up the magazines and the papers, and makes them get their fucking fingers out, then it's not a bad thing, as they've held sway for a long time now."

Tea brewed, he takes a seat on the sofa. He looks physically and mentally sharp, with his silver hair and tanned features wearing an intent expression. Straight away he gets down to the business of the new album's nature. Is it something of a call to arms?

"It is, in some respects," he agrees. "I'm always wary of saying 'yes it definitely is', but there is an element of that in it anyway. I think that was borne out from when we started the …

Paul Weller's Absolute Radio Session!

Paul Weller At The Garage!

Image by: Tom Oldham
Noel Gallagher joins Paul Weller onstage at London gig Paul Weller
Pair play Oasis' 'Mucky Fingers' and Weller's 'Echoes Round The Sun' at intimate show

From NME

Paul Weller was joined onstage by Noel Gallagher tonight (April 21), at his gig at London's Relentless Garage.

The guitarist joined the former Jam frontman to play Oasis' 2005 song 'Mucky Fingers' and Weller's 2008 single, 'Echoes Round The Sun', which originally featured Gallagher and Oasis' Gem Archer.

Playing in support of his new album, 'Wake Up The Nation', which was released on Monday (April 19), this year's NME Godlike Genius, also played classics such as 'Wild Wood', before closing with The Jam's 1980 UK Number One single 'Start!'.

Set List:
Have You Made Up Your Mind
Aim High
All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
From The Floorboards Up
Fast Car / Slow Traffic
Strange Town
Whirlpools End
Mucky Fingers (Noel Ga…

Paul Weller Interview From The Telegraph!

The Paul Weller Interview
The invective is still as sharp as his clothes, but at 51 the 'Modfather' is brimming over with love: for his late father, for his youthful girlfriend, and for his country.

By Craig McClean
Published: 12:22PM BST 21 Apr 2010 
From The

We haven’t even started and Paul Weller is looking at me accusingly.

'You got monkey boots on? Where’d you get them from?’

After amping up the credentials of the shop, I tell him the price: £60.

'Are they still doing them?’ he muses, smoothing down his slim-fit trousers – there are no jeans and certainly no button-flies on the 51-year-old Modfather – over a newly purchased pair of Chelsea boots in ultra-fine leather.

'Cause Burberry did a pair last season, back in summer, pretty much identical to yours. But they were f---ing 300 quid or something!’ he spits with sweary disgust.

'I ain’t paying 300 pound [sic] for a pair of monkey boots. But 60 quid? That’s good. I ain’t seen a pair for ages.’

Paul Weller Scheduled To Appear On "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross"

Paul is scheduled to appear this Friday night on Jonathan Ross' BBC One program for both a chat and live performance.

Friday - April 23 - 10:50pm

Paul's Classic 1991 Appearance!

Noel Gallagher On Paul Weller!

Ex-Oasis guitar great Noel Gallagher stopped by the U.K.’s Talk Sport radio station to appear on the “Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein” this past weekend. Typically, his comments were informative, honest and amusing, especially regarding his “mates.”

“I’ve got lots of mates, but they’re kinda in bands so they’re never really in the same place at the same time. If I’m not on tour, my mates in Kasabian will be off on tour, or (Paul) Weller will be doing summat (sic), so it’s very rare we’re all together at the same time. My best mate is, he’s not famous, he’s just kinda, he’s just my mate. His name’s Strangeboy. He used to play keyboards in Oasis in ’97 and he was just like a mate of a mate, but he came on tour with us to play keyboards. And we were at an airport lounge one afternoon and I was just looking at him, going, ‘he’s just really weird,’ you know, and the name Strangeboy stuck and I guess he’s my best mate. But I’ve got another best mate who lives up in Manchester. 

I …

Paul Weller Week On!

It's Paul Weller Week on this week...

Since the early incendiary days of the Jam, through to his incorporation of soul, r'n'b and jazz styles into his music with The Style Council and a hugely successful solo career, penning sensitive ballads and forthright "tunes" that mix and recall many of his previous musical incarnations, whilst further pushing his musical boundaries, he's been one of the leading lights of British music scene.

Responsible for tracks such as A Town Called Malice, Going Underground, Shout To The Top, Wild Wood, The Changingman, You Do Something To Me and inspiring and influencing many from his and subsequent generations, not least of all a couple of Gallagher's from Manchester.

As his tenth solo album is released this week, he'll be picking our Track of the Days from tomorrow, ever the musical chameleon, all we'll say is they're not necessarily what you might predict... later in the week we'll have a fresh…

Paul Weller Interview With The Quietus!

Sins Of The Modfather: Paul Weller Speaks About Leaving His Comfort Zone
Julian Marszalek , April 19th, 2010 06:55

A feature on the musical landscape since the late 1970s, it can become all too easy to take Paul Weller for granted. Indeed, the popular perception of a gruff geezer stuck in some kind of 60s timewarp is one that does a disservice to a artist who has, over the course of his career, challenged himself as much as his audience. This, after all is the man who broke up The Jam – one of the most popular and important bands of their generation – at the height of their fame to pursue new ideas in a new realm. Certainly, the passage of time has served to obscure Weller's sonic detours with The Style Council in the 1980s, while his early endorsement of house music evidenced not only a then lone voice on the wilderness, but an artist whose keen musical ear kept him excited by what music still had to offer.

2008's 22 Dreams found Weller rekindling his muse as he explored the …

Dave Berry Meets Paul Weller! The Xfm Interview!

Ten solo albums in, and Mr Paul Weller shows no sign of having his fire go out (to coin a phrase). And, with his latest platter 'Wake Up The Nation' in the shops, The Modfather came in to teach young Dave Berry a thing or two about being The Ace Face, mod roots and more. They also chatted about Paul's favourite song from his own back catalogue and his favourite piece of rock memorabilia.

Listen to the archived interview HERE!

Early Sales Report For Paul Weller's "Wake Up The Nation"

From Music Week:

On albums Paul Weller’s brand new Island album Wake Up The Nation is around 7,000 sales ahead of AC/DC’s Columbia-issued soundtrack to the Iron Man 2 movie. If Wake Up the Nation holds on by week’s end it will give the former Jam and Style Council frontman back-to-back solo number ones for the first time in his career as his last album 22 Dreams reached the top last June.

Paul Weller Xfm Contest Winner!

Xfm held a contest calling for questions addressed to Paul in exchange for a chance to meet him. Here's a photo of one of only ten winners, Guy and Paul. "Like many others I entered the competition without any hope at all and on Friday at 4:30 had a call saying I was invited to come to London and meet the man." Guy's winning question and response from PW below.

Guy - "Tell me a myth about PW, set the record straight" PW - "I'm not as miserable as people think" 

Be sure and listen to Xfm tonight as this special event will be broadcast starting at 10pm (GMT)

Xfm Listen Live Link (UK ONLY)

Paul Weller Feature From Channel 4 News!

Paul Weller returns to politics - with a small 'p'
By: Stephanie West

In a rare television interview to coincide with the release of his tenth solo album, the modfather talks to Stephanie West about reuniting with members of The Jam and how Britain has become a "nanny state".

Paul Weller rarely gives interviews on camera, he says he doesn't like talking about his songs, and prefers to let his lyrics do the talking for him.

But he sat down with Channel 4 News to talk about his tenth solo album, which comes nearly three decades after he disbanded The Jam. And as he gets ready to tour with it, many critics are hailing Wake Up the Nation as one of the modfather's best to date, universally giving it five stars.

The singer, now 51, has dedicated the album to his late father, John, who'd been his manager since the young Weller started playing in a band, aged just 14.

His dad, who Weller often described as his best friend, died last year, but for close on four dec…

Paul Weller Takes Over Virgin Media's MOD Service!

The Modfather takes over Virgin Media’s MoD service:
Paul Weller hosts Music on Demand takeover and performs exclusive gig!

Fresh from receiving NME’s God-like Genius Award and in advance of unleashing his new album Wake Up The Nation, Paul Weller has spent some time on the sofa with Virgin Media. Fans will be delighted to hear that Weller had a lot to get off his chest, and how his new album is ‘fuelled by passion and anger’.

Starting on Tuesday 6th April, Weller will take over Virgin Media’s Music on Demand service for a whole month. The takeover includes exclusive footage of Weller talking about some of his great previous solo work, including collaborations with artists such as Noel Gallagher and Amy Macdonald, as well as a nod to The Style Council and The Jam.

Separately, Virgin Media is filming an exclusive performance by Weller to coincide with the release of his new album on Monday 19th April. The private gig will take place at The Garage, Islington on Wednesday 21st April a…

Pictures from Paul Weller's Gig at the BBC Radio Theatre!

Courtesy Of Scotty 94! Cheers Carl!

Guest vocalist - Lauren Pritchard
Guest vocalist - Rox

Richard Hawley