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Paul Weller At The Azkena Rock Festival!

From (translation by google):

On Saturday night lifted the Englishman Paul Weller, a mod yet elegant and enthusiastic in his work that won the fight by U.S. rocker Brian Setzer, who seems content with the styling routine. Weller made about 18 pieces in a bolus intense better than that given by the late last year in Bilbao Live Festival. And not just because Vitoria appear without tummy! His 76 minutes with the intensity struggled for half a minute passed valley, and rebounded to finish. The sound of the godfather of the mods was powerful and left diapers Setzer rockabilly. With her hair dyed blonde and proud opened cane, he sang with onomatopoeia, shook the funk and dance, played guitar with attitude, moved to the mic with the swagger of a dandy, was heard by a band on (the battery liked), perhaps at the time loosens valley to approach the experimental lisergia recovered the 'Start' of the Jam, became ideological 'Wake Up The Nation', the piano singing …