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Paul Weller Featured In December Issue Of Uncut!

“When I was 18, I thought it’d all be over by the time I was 21,” Paul Weller tells us this month, looking back on a career that now spans more than 30 years. “At 18, 25 seemed like a lifetime away,” he adds. “Then before you know it, you’re 30. Then you’re 40. And all of a sudden, you’re 50.”

If Weller at 50 is somewhat flabbergasted, how, you have to wonder, does Leonard Cohen feel at 74? As he prepares for a second leg of sold-out UK dates on what has become one of the most triumphant comebacks ever, you would have to say he seems in rude health and wit. In our second major feature this month, the legendary singer-songwriter talks about going back on the road for the first time in nearly 20 years and why for him, it was ‘now or never’, while key members of his touring entourage tell us how the tour came together and share their memories of some of its highlights so far.

Paul Weller Interview With The Sunday Mirror!

Exclusive:Paul Weller may have turned 50, but he says he won't rest on his laurels!

By Gavin Martin 24/10/2008

As his female string section file into a West London rehearsal room, Paul Weller sits on a wall outside blinking in the sunshine, sipping tea and smoking Benson & Hedges.

In May, the Britrock legend turned 50 having just delivered the greatest, most surprising, album of his career.

Featuring collaborations with Robert Wyatt and Noel Gallagher, 22 Dreams is a captivating 2CD set.

It covers everything from the Modish punk rock Weller first found fame with in The Jam, the jazzy adventures he undertook in The Style Council, as well as forging previously unchartered adventures in avant garde, krautrock and nu-folk territory.

It's a record full of ambition and adventure - decidedly not the work of a man settling down for a quiet easy-going middle age.

"You can't really plan for those things, but I did have big ambitions for it starting out and they developed as it wen…

Paul Weller @ The BBC - Full Details!!

Follow this link to see all the formats and tracks as part of the Paul Weller @ The BBC Collection! The digital box set will contain FULL concert performances! Shaping up to be a real quality release.

Paul Weller @ The BBC

Details Of New Issue Of Paul Weller Magazine "All Mod Icon!"

Pre-Order the Limited Edition Paul Weller 50th edition of All Mod Icon!

I have begun taking pre-orders for the strictly limited edition A5 48 page full colour glossy issue of the magazine to commemorate Paul Weller's 50th year. The magazine is litho printed throughout on 130 gms gloss paper. Features include an exclusive interview with Paul by John Reed (Author of My Ever Changing Moods) and articles by John Reed on 'Confessions Of A Pop Group' (initially commissioned and unused by Uncut magazine) and the Weller At The BBC box set, an overview of Paul's career with contributions by Joel Stoker (The Rifles) Johnny Clarke (Dogs) Carleen Anderson, Steve White, Simon Donald & Gabrielle. The magazine is beautifully designed with photographs (some previously unseen) by Lawrence Watson & Stefan Duerr. I am taking orders worldwide. All pre-ordered magazines will be sent out on Nov 1st. To pre-order your copy visit:
"All Mod Icon is as styl…

Paul Weller Pictures & Set Lists From Europe!

Brussels aka Shithole- Courtesy Of Jean Christophe & Yann!


Heidelberg - Courtesy Of All Mod Cons!

All Mod Cons has another great review of the evening in Heidelberg over at his blog. Please stop by to check it out HERE!

Photos Courtesy Of Sakura

Munich - Courtesy Of The Eton Rifle!

Paul Weller Comments On Noel Gallagher's Assault In Toronto!

Weller: I Saw Noel Stage Attack!

The Sun

PAUL WELLER is a man who's been in the right place at the right time throughout his career.

And that was true when he saw OASIS on the night NOEL GALLAGHER was shoved over by a stage invader.

He said: "I was standing right by the side of the stage and it was so quick I didn't even see it happen - but I saw the commotion afterwards."

Noel was assaulted and pushed into a monitor by a crazed Canadian at the gig at V Festival in Toronto on September 7.

But such was the speed of events that the full scale of what went on only became apparent afterwards.

A shocked Paul confessed: "I didn't see the geezer come out - it was that quick! I didn't know what had happened until straight after."

But despite the assault, Weller reckons that Oasis played one of the best shows of their lives that evening.

He said: "They still played an incredible gig that night. That was one of the best times I've ever seen t…

Paul Weller - Paradiso, Amsterdam October 4, 2008! Pictures And Set List!

Photos Courtesy of Pete aka The Eton Rifle

Actual Set List:
1. Peacock Suit
2. Out Of The Sinking
3. 22 Dreams
4. Eton Rifles
5. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
6. From The Floorboards Up
7. Sea Spray
8. One Bright Star
9. Empty Ring
10.Black River
11.Have You Made Up Your Mind
12.Porcelain Gods
13.Picking Up Sticks
14.Wishing On A Star
15.Bird Sounds/Interlude
16.All On A Misty Morning - Magic Bus
17.Butterfly Collector
18.Wild Wood
19.Echoes Round The Sun
20.Come On, Let's Go
21.Wild Blue Yonder
22.The Changingman
23.Whirpools' End
24.Town Called Malice

Paul Weller - Effenaar - Eindhoven October 2, 2008! Set List!

Paul Weller
Effenaar - Eindhoven
October 2, 2008

1. Out Of The Sinking
2. Shadow Of The Sun
3. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
4. From The Floorboards Up
5. 22 Dreams
6. The Changingman
7. Sea Spray
8. One Bright Star
9. Empty Ring
10.Have You Made Up Your Mind
11.Porcelain Gods
12.Picking Up Sticks
13.Wishing On A Star
14.Bird Sounds/Interlude
15.All On A Misty Morning - Magic Bus
16.Butterfly Collector
17.Wild Wood
18.Echoes Round The Sun
19.Come On Let's Go
20.Wild Blue Yonder
21.You Do Something To Me
22.Broken Stones
23.Whirlpool's End

Paul Weller's Next Single Is Sea Spray/22Dreams!

Paul's next single will continue the double A side trend.
More details to follow.