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Paul Weller Wraps Up October UK Tour In London!

Paul Weller's October Tour ended at the Hammersmith Apollo in London Saturday night. Paul was joined on stage by two very special guests, his daughter Leah and the legendary Ronnie Wood of The Faces/Rolling Stones. Leah sang on the Rose Royce cover, "Wishing On A Star." Ronnie added some guitar to "Be Happy Children." This tour played to sold out crowds across the UK and many fans were elated to have Paul back on stage in more intimate settings after Paul played only a few large outdoor festivals this past Summer.  
Paul Weller Hammersmith Apollo, London October 19, 2013
Wake Up The Nation From The Floorboards Up Sunflower Come On / Let's Go Sea Spray He's The Keeper My Ever Changing Moods The Attic Going Places Friday Street Porcelain Gods Above The Clouds That Dangerous Age Dragonfly 7&3 Is The Striker's Name Peacock Suit STaRt! Whirlpool's End (not played)
Out Of The Sinking Andromeda Wishing On A Star (w/Leah Weller) Picking Up Sticks Be Happy Children (w/Ronnie …

Paul Weller At The Barrowland Ballroom In Glasgow!

Paul Weller opened up his October tour last night at The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland. He played a 25 song set similar to the one played on the US Tour. New(ish) songs added to the set were "Bull Rush,""Andromeda" and "Push It Along." Although listed on the printed set list, we have reports that he did not play "He's The Keeper" nor "Out Of The Sinking." Cheers to Ann Kerr for the above image!

Paul Weller  The Barrowland Ballroom (The Barrowlands) Glasgow, Scotland October 7, 2013
Sunflower Wake Up The Nation From The Floorboards Up Push It Along Sea Spray My Ever Changing Moods Bull Rush Come On, Let's Go The Attic Going Places Wild Wood Friday Street Porcelain Gods That Dangerous Age Above The Clouds Dragonfly 7 & 3 Is The Striker's Name Peacock Suit STaRt! Whirlpool's End The Changingman
Andromeda Picking Up Sticks Be Happy Children Town Called Malice

Image by Iain Stewart
Image by Gordy
Image by jazzmasterplayer
Image by Beth Mulvey