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Paul Weller Talks To Clash Music!

Words by Simon Harper
Photo by Jay Brooks

Paul Weller has a fire raging in his belly. It has never really waned, but it’s clear from his latest album, ‘Wake Up The Nation’, that it’s burning brighter than ever. Clash went to find out what exactly has been fanning his flames...

The resplendent surroundings of The Arts Club in London’s Mayfair would usually befit the debonair patriarch of Britrock - his flawless attire as carefully arranged as those in the oil paintings around us (except only Weller’s is finished off with a Beatles pin badge). However, ‘Wake Up The Nation’ era Weller is quite the opposite - its sounds are vigorously modern and energetic; sounds and styles clash with force, bringing its songs alive with an air of unpredictability. The album was made in a fit of improvisation, each song sprung fresh from the minds of its creators. Such innovation is quite rare for a fifty-two-year-old. But why, asks Weller, isn’t he being challenged by a new generat…

Paul Weller @ Palazzo Nuovo, Torino! (June 25, 2010)

Photos Courtesy Of Alberto Bruno! Grazie!!!

New Paul Weller T-Shirts Available For Pre-Order!

Just got this info in from Townsend Records: "Paul WellerSILHOUETTE T-Shirt"
Due for release on 30th August 2010, we have 2 fantastic new Paul Weller t-shirts available to pre-order. There are limited pressings of both t-shirts so get them before they're deleted.

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Paul Weller - "Wake Up The Nation" Review From Australia!

Paul Weller's vibrant new album is a tribute to absent friends
By:Noel Mengel

THE intimations of mortality have been coming fast for Paul Weller.

Not in his endlessly questing creative spirit, undimmed with his new album Wake Up The Nation as vibrant and energetic as any he has made in a recording career stretching across 33 years.

But the urgent feel of the music and the lyrics does reflect his state of mind, that at 52 he doesn't want to waste a day.

"As you get older, you look at your own mortality and those around you," Weller says. "You feel you have to make the most of it, make more out of it. I just want to make as much music as I possibly can because I think, if the next 10 or 20 years goes as fast as the last 10 or 20, you don't really have much time. You have to keep moving and create as much as possible."

The album is dedicated to "absent friends" who all died in 2009: his father and manager John Weller; Pat…

Paul Weller Show Announced For Utrecht, Holland On 16th September!

Paul Weller will be playing The Tivoli in Utrecht, Holland on September 16th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.

Details HERE!!!

Paul Weller Interview With US Based!

By: Dennis Cook

Not many artists can approach the Kilimanjaro sized mountain of great music Paul Weller has produced since he strapped on an guitar and began knocking heads together as a youth with The Jam in the 1970s. His music retains a primal rock rightness that's been marbled and shifted by myriad other influences over his nearly three decade stand as one of the premiere music makers in the U.K.

While perhaps less well-known Stateside, his worldwide following is fervent, loyal and prone to defend and praise his work with real fire in their eyes. The man's passion and integrity is infectious and inspiring. Whether it's with The Jam, The Style Council or his own adventurous solo career that began in 1990, Paul Weller has exhibited tenacious integrity, ballsy creativity and profound understanding of what it is about rock that really gets folks off. A brilliant, explosive live performer as well, his music, in any period, never fails to feel incredibly al…

Paul Weller Interview With The Mirror!

Paul Weller interview: The Modfather is as angry and passionate as ever
From: The Mirror

In his dressing room at the Royal Albert Hall, Paul Weller is doling out kisses and drinks. He has just completed a five-night run at the prestigious venue, finishing with the most remarkable show I've seen in more than 30 years of Weller watching.

"It's about pacing yourself," the 52-year-old grins, as he cuddles up to his new girlfriend Hannah Andrews. "Having said that, I didn't pace myself too well last night. I got drunk and was a little the worse for wear this morning."

Earlier, the Woking wonder had been in ebullient, passionate form. The performance connected with every era of his career as favourites from The Jam and The Style Council sat seamlessly alongside adventurous, incendiary offerings such as new
single, Find The Torch, Burn The Plans.

"Lyrically, it's about us as British people reclaiming our stake in th…

Paul Interview With News Of The World!

By John Earls, 13/06/2010
From: News Of The World

PAUL WELLER has hit out at the current music scene, slamming pop stars for being "safe and boring".

The legendary singer reckons that, 35 years after he began with The Jam, he's still making more exciting music than today's current crop of bands. He has just released adventurous new album Wake Up The Nation, which has had universal praise from critics and fans. And he admits its title is a dig at today's dull scene.

"Music is in such a safe and boring place now," Weller tells Rated. "Everyone is toeing the line. It's hard for bands to get a record deal because the music industry is collapsing, and radio only plays safe songs, so bands are scared to experiment. There needs to be a musical revolution from somewhere. I'm an old git, and it's time the younger generation knocked it all down.

"The title track of the record came about from me ranting about the state of Britain and music. I…

Paul Weller In Woking - Pics & Review!

Weller wakes up Woking with hospices benefit gig
From: Get Surry

AROUND £60,000 has been raised for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices at a concert performed by Modfather Paul Weller on Sunday.

Tickets to the exclusive gig sold out as more than 1,200 Weller fans clamoured to see their idol perform in his hometown for the first time in 30 years.

The leisure centre near Woking Park was transformed to provide an impressive venue, with support acts the Steve Brookes Band and The 5:16's warming up the crowd before Weller made his grand entrance.

He played a mix of old and new material, with tracks from the critically acclaimed Wake up the Nation album mixed in with The Jam classic That’s Entertainment.

The whole atmosphere was electric and when Bruce Foxton, The Jam’s bassist, joined Weller on stage for The Butterfly Collector the words were echoing around the hall.

Sam Molnar, who is a friend of Weller's and organised the gig, said: "It has been a lot of hard work but with the hel…

Paul Weller Has Added A Second Concert In New Zealand!

Pre-sale tickets opened today for Paul Weller’s “Wake Up The Nation” show this October – his first ever tour to New Zealand.

Demand for tickets has resulted in the October 30 pre-sale allocation being swiftly exhausted. As such, to satisfy the anticipated rush for tickets this Wednesday, a second show on Sunday October 31 has just been announced and has gone on to pre-sale now.

Paul Weller– arguably the coolest, most stylish, influential man in British rock of the last three decades - has never in his epic career performed in New Zealand. All that is about to change!




Don’t miss what will no doubt be an exciting, passionate display of rock-star cool by a performer still at the top of his musical game, live on stage in October.

Tickets available through Ticketmaster Ph: (09) 970-9700 /

Paul Weller's Wake Up Woking Gig - Set List!

Weller rocks Woking for first time in 30 years
June 7, 2010 by Woking News & Mail

FANS of Woking’s most famous son packed out Woking Leisure Centre for a charity concert to raise funds for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices. About 1,200 tickets were sold for the gig, Wake Up Woking, on Sunday night and it is expected more than £60,000 has been raised for the hospices.

Paul, who grew up in Maybury, praised his “fantastic audience” and said he was pleased to be supporting a great cause. It is the first time he has played in the town for more than 30 years.

Strange Town, Wild Wood, You Do Something to Me and Moonshine were just some of the many tunes in the two-hour set. And the surprise for the night was when Paul welcomed Bruce Foxton, the bass player in The Jam, up on stage for a few numbers, including The Eton Rifles.

The concert was organised after Weller’s friend, Sam Molnar, had a dream to ask his friend to play in the town where his music began.

For more photos and the full story…

Paul Weller Will Perform At The Last Friars Show At Aylesbury Civic Centre TONIGHT!

Paul Weller will tonight perform at the very last Friars show at Aylesbury Civic Centre.

Weller played at the venue in the 70's and 80's and has agreed to come back for the very last Friars show on June the 4th.

It will be the last Friars gig before the centre is pulled down. A spokesman for Friars said "It is with great excitement that we are able to announce that the last ever Friars Aylesbury Phase Three gig will happen on Friday 4th June and will feature Friars legend Paul Weller and a special guest appearance of Aylesbury hero John Otway.

Friars promoter David Stopps has been trying to secure Paul for the past 2 months. In the end it was Friars founding father Robin Pike and particularly Island Records Managing Director Ted Cockle who managed to persuade Paul to do this very special Friars date which will be the last Friars gig before the Civic Centre is demolished.

Ted Cockle went to Aylesbury Grammar School and was taught by Robin Pike who was head of the Science d…

Paul Weller's Garage Gig Now Playing On Virgin On Demand!

Watch the Modfather on Virgin Media's MoD
Watch exclusive Paul Weller gig live from your living room courtesy of Virgin Media’s Music On Demand service.

This month, Paul Weller fans can watch the Modfather in action live from their living room, as he performs an exclusive gig for Virgin Media On Demand. Filmed live last month, the one-off performance includes a selection of classic tracks and new favourites at the Relentless Garage in Islington, London.

Highlights include Weller performing The Jam classics Strange Town and Start! with support from Oasis guitarist Gem Archer and a never-before-seen rendition of the title track to the new album, Wake Up The Nation.

Throughout June Virgin Media TV customers will be able to access this performance on Virgin Media’s Music On Demand service, whilst clips from the gig will be available for anyone to view at

For more information about Virgin Media on Demand visit

Paul Weller On Unlikely Collaborations!

by: Kenneth Partridge

Paul Weller has been candid about his distaste for shoegaze -- the droning, distortion-rich strain of guitar pop he referred to as "rubbish" in a recent interview. Funny, then, that his new album, 'Wake Up the Nation,' out now, features contributions from Kevin Shields, guitarist for Irish genre champs My Bloody Valentine.

"I liked some of his stuff," Weller tells Spinner. "I wasn't a massive fan of that shoegaze stuff. I thought it was a bit boring. I got to know his work through the stuff he did with Primal Scream. He's a very unique player. He's got his own sound, and his own style and way of thinking. His instincts contradicted where I'm at."

Indeed, theirs isn't the most obvious of musical team-ups. Whereas Shields specializes in abrasively loud, textured playing, Weller, the mastermind behind mod-punk favorites the Jam and the suave R&B outfit Style Council, tends to be more of a…

Paul Weller's "Wake Up The Nation" Deluxe Download At!

For those in North America, Paul's "Wake Up The Nation" Deluxe Edition including the bonus remix album titled, "Change Up The Nation" is now available in the Amazon mp3 store for the super value price of $7.99. That's 30 tracks for only $7.99!!! If you missed out on the UK edition, here's your chance to get it for an unbelievable price!!

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Paul Weller Feature From American Songwriter!

Carry On: Paul Weller
By Peter Gerstenzang

From American Songwriter

Of all the rock stars from Britain’s Class of ‘77, Paul Weller alone has retained his incandescence. Johnny Rotten rouses himself for an occasional Sex Pistols tour, Billy Idol does the oldies circuit, and only Joe Strummer has a decent excuse for not coming up with new material. Then there’s Weller. From his days leading New Wave giants The Jam, to the funk-soul brothers The Style Council, through his solo career, the kid from Woking has produced a body of work that’s remarkable as much for its diversity as for its consistency. His new record, Wake Up the Nation, is another strong collection. It’s tuneful as can be, but also sports traces of psychedelia, roots-rock and electronica. Recently, the no-nonsense but unquestionably affable Weller discussed his latest musical offering.

“I didn’t go into the studio this time with preconceived musical ideas, so much as a general feeling about the state of things. The album is …